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An animated series that will take you to know and learn about living things. In a view that many people may not know yet. Through the stories of doing various missions of a partner from another world.

Character Designs

04_Character Design01.jpg
04_Character Design02.jpg
04_Character Design03.jpg
05_Character Design01.jpg
05_Character Design02.jpg
05_Character Design03.jpg
06_Character Design01.jpg
06_Character Design02.jpg
06_Character Design03.jpg
07_Character Design01.jpg
07_Character Design02.jpg
07_Character Design03.jpg
08_Character Design01.jpg
08_Character Design02.jpg
08_Character Design03.jpg
10_Character Design_All.jpg
10_Character Design_All02.jpg
11_Animation Series.jpg
02_Concept Story01 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story02 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story03 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story04 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story05 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story06 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story07 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story08 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story09 copy.jpg
02_Concept Story10 copy.jpg
03_key visual copy.jpg
03_key visual01 copy.jpg
03_key visual02 copy.jpg
03_key visual03 copy.jpg
04_key visual01 copy.jpg
04_key visual02 copy.jpg
04_key visual03 copy.jpg
05_key visual01 copy.jpg
05_key visual02 copy.jpg
05_key visual03 copy.jpg
05_key visual04 copy.jpg
06_key visual01 copy.jpg
06_key visual02 copy.jpg
06_key visual03 copy.jpg
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