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Music VDO/Others


The concept of the content comes from lyrics that talk about fidelity. It is presented in the form of chasing the dream .....

MV:PreyPry/Pry & May-T Project Poetic Part1

The song is like a poem with the content of the sentence
"The sparkling lights in this dark night make me feel like.....


Legend of "Krabiaw", the horror legend of Mermaid Island, side story from "GANCORE GUD" movie.

MV:Breath/LEX T-Bone Feat. Oui Buddha bless

The content of the animation is about love between 3 generations of men and women, men who would do .....

Side Story:Love Promises, False Signs (สัญญารัก สัญญาณลวง) Thai serie

The Legend of Magic Diamond in the Thai Series.

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