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A story that tells about the functions of our body's major organs.
that gives substance and knowledge through Characters For fun and easy to remember ,It provides useful information and tips on how to keep them healthy and prevent diseases. Each episode highlights the role, benefits and drawbacks of a different organ.

What does each episode present about?

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The first season will have 10 episodes of 7 minutes a sample topic and content to build on.

- What is the cause of the flu? and how many kinds that is severe
and can be life-threatening.

- Why do people have to take medicine? If I don't take the medicine, what will happen and
why some medicines must be taken before meals? What can happen if I don't take my medicine on time?

- What is the main cause of infection?
What is the main cause of infection, how many types of infection are classified and
which ones are most at risk of severity?

 What causes acid reflux? Why should you not rush to sleep
when you finish eating? Or after eating, should not rush to take a shower for any reason?

- How does allergy or immunodeficiency occur?
Allergies can happen to everyone if we do not take care
of ourselves.

- What is food poisoning? Why do other people not get food poisoning symptoms
when eating the same food?

- What is cancer and how many types are there in medicine? What causes it and
how can we avoid the risk of this condition?

-What is malnutrition? Why do people who eat only vegetarian food not suffer from malnutrition?

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